My new turbo setup:)

Justin Olson project20vt at
Mon Sep 23 21:05:31 EDT 2002

I'm now working on my new turbo setup for my 91 20v. I
sold all the factory stuff and now I'm out for blood.
Here are the details:

-T04e 60 trim compressor
-T3 Stage 5 turbine .82 a/r
-Custom 5 into 1 weld el header
-3" ss turbo back
-3" inlet with large K&N
-2.5" aluminum boost tubes
-Forge Motorsports 17" * 17" * 3.5" horizontal flow
-Custom Intake Manifold w/ symetry
-65mm throttle body
-Custom Maf housing
-440cc RC injectors

This setup is good for 500-550hp. It will be a bit
laggy but you must wait for great things:)

What do you guys think?

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