[urq] Re: pics of the RR-ed 200tq20V

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Tue Sep 24 22:16:45 EDT 2002


AFAIK, the downpipe is different between both engines, as well as the
intake pipe and the plumbing (different IC locations so different hoses)...
the engine internals are all the same according to the FA and to some
friends who learned quite well their 20vt lessons...



At 12:57 24/09/2002 -0600, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>Other than the 3B being in the US 200q20v and the RR being used in the
>Euro-spec 20V urq, what is the difference between the two motors?
>'84 ur
>'98 A4

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