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Hmmm, I'll jump into this NAC thread.
My wife Lisa was 15 when I met her. That was 22 years ago. Sometimes it can
work out for young people. BTW at the time I had long hair and rode a
skateboard around. Her folks probably didn't think I was perfect or going to
be successful. They were right about the perfect part, but at least I'm
somewhat successful. (Any homeowner in the Bay Area of California is
successful in my book.)
So Anton, don't be to quick to judge young suitors. OTOH, my daughter will
be 15 a few years from now and my position will probably align perfectly
with yours :-)
See you,
Audi content: My wife purchased the first Audi in our family. It was a 1984
4k LTD. That was an amazingly reliable car.

"Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton

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> My daughter is 15. That makes her too young for anyone afa I'm concerned
> feel free to have a look at her mom. She's a consenting adult.
> Anton

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