UFO conversion options

Gabo at maffia.hu Gabo at maffia.hu
Wed Sep 25 18:34:07 EDT 2002

So I did the changes last week. There were two possibily in front of
1.st change the struts to A6 and replace the brakes to Girling G60.
(278 mmdisk diameter ). It is cheaper and more reachable.
2.nd Change the whole struts to S4/S6 (1994-1995) with HP2 brakes. It
has really hard to find -especialy in Hungary. But it is better (314mm
disk diameter).It costs in Hungary about 400 Dollars with new disks
and pads

Finaly the last day before the work somebody called me to sell a
complete S6 struts. And I bought it.It costs about 500 dollars with
used disks and pads

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