200q20v for sale...

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Sep 25 19:37:45 EDT 2002


Your eBay listing has a number of confusing/misleading statements...
It says:

This is a stock '91 200q20v with:

Pearl exterior
Black interior
European H4/H3 headlights
Intended Acceleration Stage 3 chip
V8 tail lights
Standard G60 dual-piston brakes (converted
15K miles ago from "UFOs")
16x8 BBS RF forged rims with 225/50ZR16 tires
JVC CD head unit with the stock Bose sound system.

This is a "stock '91 200q20v"?

Also you claim "boost to 1.8 bar", but doesn't the IA chip do sumpin' fer ya?

Finally, a quibble about your use of the term "mint" (at top of listing).
The adjective, mint, has a specific meaning, which is "original, unused
condition". I'm sure your car is very nice, but "mint"?

Anyway, good luck with selling the car, and I hope it finds another good home.


At 10:53 PM +0100 9/25/02, Chris Covington wrote:
>Hey guys,
>I guess it's my turn to spam.  I finally signed up for ebay last night &
>posted my 200q20v.
>'91 200q20v
>200q20v mailing list
>200q20v at audifans.com

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