Mike Miller mikemilr at
Wed Sep 25 18:46:47 EDT 2002

Got my new brake hose installed today. ATE part# 441 611 707 $35 ea. Of
course the top nut rounded off on the brake line, making a simple job not so

Back to my steering problem. Test condition - with the car at rest, engine
running and with the wheels pointing straight ahead. When I first start to
*slowly* turn the steering wheel there is a lot of resistance initially
which decreases significantly after about a 1/4 turn of the steering wheel
and then remains constant lock to lock ( well, almost lock to lock - I won't
go quite that far). Turning the steering wheel rapidly produces a _lot_ of
resistance which remains constant lock to lock. There are no abnormal sounds
while turning the steering wheel. Any ideas? Hydraulic pump not keeping up
or putting out low pressure? All steering parts are original.

mike miller
helmville mt

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