Solved - Hard Start and Low Boost

Brennig, Rakesh (CORP, GEAccess) rakesh.brennig at
Wed Sep 25 07:16:39 EDT 2002

You have me there!  The prosaic reference was that it was tried and true
technology - I was trying to get fancy with words. ;)

btw - I did not specify but my problem was from a massive split in the TBV
vacuum hose.


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At 8:37 PM +0100 9/24/02, Phil Rose wrote:
>At 3:45 PM +0100 9/23/02, Brennig, Rakesh (CORP, GEAccess) wrote:
>>Here is a public thanks to Charlie Baer for helping me pull my codes and
>>spotting a huge vacuum leak.  Once again the incessant pull of the prosaic
>>20v calls for the open road.  :-)
>The 20V turbo is "prosaic"? Not according to _my_ understanding of
>"prosaic. What's your's?


(courtesy Merriam Webster online.)

I agree with Phil :-)

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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