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> From: "Mike Miller" <mikemilr at>
> Well, no responses yet, but here's an update. I appear to be foaming the
> pentosin and it is coming out the top of the fluid reservoir.. Again - any
> ideas based on new info would be gretly appreciated.
IMO, not possible, unless you are sucking in air either at the reservoir
return fitting on the pump or return hose above the reservoir fluid level.

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From: "Mike Miller" <mikemilr at>
>> Got my new brake hose installed today. ATE part# 441 611 707 $35 ea. Of
>> course the top nut rounded off on the brake line, making a simple job not
> so
>> simple.
>> Back to my steering problem. Test condition - with the car at rest, engine
>> running and with the wheels pointing straight ahead. When I first start to
>> *slowly* turn the steering wheel there is a lot of resistance initially
>> which decreases significantly after about a 1/4 turn of the steering wheel
>> and then remains constant lock to lock ( well, almost lock to lock - I
>> won't go quite that far).
Good! NEVER hold the wheel at the rack's end stops. so the initial at rest
effort is a problem?  Don't rest, move out!

>> Turning the steering wheel rapidly produces a _lot_ of
>> resistance which remains constant lock to lock. There are no abnormal
>> sounds while turning the steering wheel. Any ideas? Hydraulic pump not
>> keeping up
At idle, that's it.

>>or putting out low pressure?
The pump will only putout the pressure needed for the assist demanded from
the steering wheel motion.

>> All steering parts are original.
That eliminates lots of potential problems

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