UFO conversion options

Steve Crosbie scrosbie at integraonline.com
Thu Sep 26 00:31:53 EDT 2002

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	The Anderson Motorsports 200q20v conversion is based on re-machining the existing hubs so that a stock 30 X 323mm A8 rotor will fit (using machined hub centric rings) along with Porsche 996 monoblock calipers.  The strut housings don't need to be replaced - just reworked - Keith has extra ones, so a swap is possible.  I worked on this upgrade with Keith because I wanted to be able to do just what you mentioned - go back to UFO's for winter wheels/tires.  All that is needed is to replace the hub centric ring with a smaller diameter one to fit the UFO caliper.  I know that we were able to fit ur S-4 16" and 16" Ronal LV wheels over the upgraded system 2 years ago when the conversion was finished - not sure what else he has tried since.  Good luck  in your search.


  Tom Mullane wrote:

Hello All,

I would like to upgrade the UFO's on my 200.  Nothing too radical, the car is basically stock with only an IA stage III chip.  I would also like to retain the ability to refit the original UFO's for winter tire use or in case I sell the car (I may upgrade to an S car, and would plan on taking the brakes with me.  I would like to run 16" wheels with the larger brakes. Anyone have any ideas?

My apologies on re-hashing an old topic, but conversations with a few vendors and a search of the archives have only added to my confusion.  Several people have told me that the strut housings must be changed to s type.

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