Air Leaks...Was... Sick of it WAS-

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Thu Sep 26 08:08:39 EDT 2002

At 11:07 PM 09/25/2002 -0700, Dave wrote:

>ok.. :) so that brings me to my own woes.. i can't
>seem to find the air leak.. when i remove the oil cap
>while the car is running nothing happens i understand
>that it should stall because of the loss of vaccuum
>but it does nothing so i'm guessing theres a leak
>somewhere.. well anyway i replaced all the vaccuum
>hoses i saw with new thick pretty ones.. the other two
>boost hoses are samco's and ya thats where i'm at a
>loss.. where else could there be a leak? could it be
>the hose going to the carbon canister.. wherever this
>carbon canister is :P oh my fault codes say that there
>is a problem with the ECU.. fault code 1111 i
>believe.. also there is a leak before the turbo.. 2234
>or something like that and one that says something
>about the engine timing unit? 2224 maybe? if anyone
>has anything they could share i would definatly
>appreciate it because i'm ready to just put her up for
>sale and buy myself an M3 :P

You have new hoses to the intercooler, but have you checked the intercooler
itself for leaks?  One common problem area is the seal at the lower
connector, I think.

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