Eurolamps & DMV?

Thu Sep 26 09:35:19 EDT 2002

In a word, yes.  E code lamps are 50 state legal if they are hooked up
correcty, ie, you must keep the city lights.  You MUST  also (4 runner TJM
bumper experience here) have DOT approved turn signals as well, on the
200tq/5ktq this can be done by putting in old 5k n/a 1157 turn
signals/parking lights in the bumper (BTDT).  Or, actually ANY turn signal
that has a DOT mold in the lens is good (I have a tweeked 5ktq in my shop
with motorcycle turn signals that passed inspection)

Somewhere around here I have a website that gives the exact verbiage and
interpretation of the DOT approval.  You may want to google search "e-code"
headlights and take the text with you to inspection.


Scott Justusson
T44tqw mit E codes and 1157 bumper lights
Chris writes:
curious how folks w/ Eurolamps are getting by any local, annual DMV
safety inspections w/o the DOT-required side running lamps.  I've heard a
nasty rumor that perhaps my state of CT may initiate annual safety
inspections & after my recent Euro-install, just wondering what my (our?..)
odds are of being flagged - and having to cobble up some fix. TIA.

Chris Hemberger
Amston, CT

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