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I might add a couple things about that Bernie.  Audi knew these brakes just
plain sucked (all "toleration" opinions so noted), and did one of their
infamous (if the customer bitches loud enough) replacements.  Unfortunately,
they replaced them with another set of brakes that creates another set of
problems, but at least the service items were cheaper.

WRT rust, UFO's and G60's rust inside the cooling fins, which is a "critical
area" in terms of service life.  If I were sitting with UFO's and they needed
service/replacement, I'd take them by the cad plating shop before install.  I
did this with a couple sets of G60 rotors, and the cooling fins stayed quite
unobstructed for a couple years.

One could argue that the UFO's are good brakes, I might add "in search of a
smaller chassis".  I've done just about every mod to my own type 44
(including big reds), and I can say without question, the *BEST* mod is the
brakes.  All the others compliment them (including the 17in wheels), but the
level of performance, even in day to day driving is phenomenal.

So straight back to the bang for buck argument.  If someone is looking to
swap "over" to G60's, the parts cost at least half the price of just
converting the UFO to a big red setup.  That would be my suggestion, I'm not
a fan of G60's or UFO's in the type 44.  I don't even like the G60 conversion
in my urq....

My .02

Type 44tqw mit big reds
RS2URQ project (G60 converted - for now)
'83 URQ G60 converted
'87 4runner turbo (4piston fixed caliper from the factory - nice:)
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If the pads only make contact with the rotors in a 1" center stripe of the
2.5"+/- width of the pad, most likely the LOL didn't know what the brake
pedel was for.  Rust will not accumulate in the critical areas when they are
used as intended.  I'm not a heavy brake user, in fact, I will use engine
braking as much as possible in everyday driving of the Sierras.  But they
will stop these heavy cars when called upon.  What is this "its only a
matter of time before things start to pulse and shimmy"?  No justification ,
except brainwash!  It may take you a few hours and no $ to insure that your
UFOs are in good shape, but then these upgrade people need your financial
support.  A thin wallet feels SO good!  Your decision.


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