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> At 08:23 PM 09/25/2002 -0600, Mike Miller wrote:
> >Well, no responses yet, but here's an update. I appear to be foaming the
> >pentosin and it is coming out the top of the fluid reservoir.. Again -
> >ideas based on new info would be gretly appreciated.
> Did you bleed the system after installing the new hose?  Raise the front
> wheels off the ground and turn the steering wheel from stop to stop
> several times with the engine running.
> Foaming Pentosin usually is a sign of the system sucking air.  Did you use
> new O rings and torque the banjo bolts to spec?   If so, you could have a
> failing seal in the pump.

The hose I replaced was a brake line hose - not a steering related hose. So
you're saying that I must be sucking air in from a leaking pump seal it
sounds like.


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