UFO conversion options

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Thu Sep 26 08:17:41 EDT 2002


My point is that UFOs in good working order are the best of the stock brakes
on 44 chassis cars and, if upgrade monies are a problem, one can insure that
his UFOs are in excellent hydraulic and mechanical condition. for cheap.  I
don't live in the rust belt, so have never experienced excessive internal
rotor rust problems.  Further, IMO, plating rotors is strictly external,
cosmetic, inasmuch as electroplating will not throw into a hole further than
the diameter of the hole.


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> I might add a couple things about that Bernie.  Audi knew these brakes just
> plain sucked (all "toleration" opinions so noted), and did one of their
> infamous (if the customer bitches loud enough) replacements.  Unfortunately,
> they replaced them with another set of brakes that creates another set of
> problems, but at least the service items were cheaper.
> WRT rust, UFO's and G60's rust inside the cooling fins, which is a "critical
> area" in terms of service life.  If I were sitting with UFO's and they needed
> service/replacement, I'd take them by the cad plating shop before install.  I
> did this with a couple sets of G60 rotors, and the cooling fins stayed quite
> unobstructed for a couple years.
> One could argue that the UFO's are good brakes, I might add "in search of a
> smaller chassis".  I've done just about every mod to my own type 44
> (including big reds), and I can say without question, the *BEST* mod is the
> brakes.  All the others compliment them (including the 17in wheels), but the
> level of performance, even in day to day driving is phenomenal.
> So straight back to the bang for buck argument.  If someone is looking to
> swap "over" to G60's, the parts cost at least half the price of just
> converting the UFO to a big red setup.  That would be my suggestion, I'm not
> a fan of G60's or UFO's in the type 44.  I don't even like the G60 conversion
> in my urq....
> My .02
> SJ
> Type 44tqw mit big reds
> RS2URQ project (G60 converted - for now)
> '83 URQ G60 converted
> '87 4runner turbo (4piston fixed caliper from the factory - nice:)

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