UFO conversion options

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Thu Sep 26 11:38:07 EDT 2002

Bernie:  perhaps you don't have the same issue as those of us on the east coast.  Out here, the brake rotors rust, starting at the outer and inner edges of the rotors (also filling the vented areas; that's another issue entirely).  The rust actually seems to creep in, get polished by the pads, then provide a poor braking surface (thus just the center 1" of the pads does the braking).  It _looks_ like rotor surface, almost.

On a car that's been sitting, a metal scraper can be used to remove this polished layer of rust off the outer/inner edge of each side of the rotor; might get you some more life out of the rotors.  Probably going to feel some brake pulsations, though.

Cad plating new rotors might prevent this.


Bernie writes:

  If the pads only make contact with the rotors in a 1" center stripe of the
  2.5"+/- width of the pad, most likely the LOL didn't know what the brake
  pedel was for.  Rust will not accumulate in the critical areas when they are
  used as intended.  I'm not a heavy brake user, in fact, I will use engine
  braking as much as possible in everyday driving of the Sierras.  But they
  will stop these heavy cars when called upon.  What is this "its only a
  matter of time before things start to pulse and shimmy"?  No justification ,
  except brainwash!  It may take you a few hours and no $ to insure that your
  UFOs are in good shape, but then these upgrade people need your financial
  support.  A thin wallet feels SO good!  Your decision.


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  > Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 21:03:01 -0400
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  > Subject: RE:  UFO conversion options
  > Thanks for input, everyone!
  > It looks like my options are limited if I want to stay with 16" wheels
  > and retain to ability to revert to UFO's (both of which I'd like to do,
  > given the weather and road quality in New England).
  > I think I will look into the Movit stuff further; looks interesting.
  > The 2Bennett system with the 993tt calipers is an option if I ditch the
  > UFO's for good.  I agree with Taka that Wildwoods might not be the best
  > option in the northeast; I want to stay any from extra maintenance.
  > Bernie, the reason for the interest in a swap is that the rotors are
  > somewhat rusted, and the pads only make contact with a 1" strip down the
  > center of the rotors.  This has not been a problem yet, but I'm sure it
  > is only a matter of time before things start to pulse and shimmy.  To an
  > extent, I agree with the "if it ain't broke..." philosophy, but I am
  > much more a proponent of the "while you're there" philosophy.  When it
  > does break, I replace it, and other wear items I encounter during the
  > repair.  I this due to my belief that, with a fleet of 5 vehicles to
  > maintain (not counting Mom and Dad and favors for friends), I would
  > rather spend cash up front to replace than to have to do a job twice.
  > If I do pads, I generally do rotors, if I do struts, I do strut
  > bearings, if I change one muffler, I do the whole exhaust from the cat
  > back, etc.  The extra cost is worth it to me in piece of mind, and I can
  > justify the expense by the colossal amount of money I save over sending
  > the car to a shop.
  > Tom

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