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Not following you here...

When is a hole _not_ an external surface?

If I take a UFO rotor, apply a current and immerse it into a plating bath, all surfaces (to the extent that the plating material can access) will be plated, be it the braking surface, the rotor cage, or the cooling vanes in the rotor itself.

Chris and I are both dealing with UFO rotors that have been exposed to moist environments, corroded, and are now having trouble getting the pads to bed through this surface...I've tried the Bentley approach of using and orbital sander on the inner rotor which is accessible, but both Chris and I had to go to a scraper approach to access the rotor side under the UFO cage.  We may resort to using "track pads" with a hard compound to wear through this layer (think poor man's brake lathe.)

Cad plating the braking surface will only prevent corrosion until the plating is worn off by the pads, and from my understanding, cadmium is considered a health hazard which means it is probably not easy to even find a place that still does it.  Cad plating can definitely prevent corrosion on the non-wear surfaces of the rotor - especially the cooling vanes.

from http://www.pprc.org/pprc/sbap/metalfin/rt_appc.html
"Cadmium — Cadmium is typically plated onto steel and iron parts to protect them from highly corrosive environments, such as those found in the marine industry. Other properties of cadmium include good solderability, ductility, retention of luster, a low coefficient of friction, and ease of deposition. Primary routes of exposure for cadmium are ingestion or inhalation. Long-term exposure to cadmium results in a number of negative effects, including emphysema, kidney disease, anemia, liver disturbance, and bone disease. Cadmium is also classified by EPA as a probable human carcinogen."

Vanes that get blocked up by corrosion will have an reduced ability to cool the rotor mass and can contribute to warping of the rotor.


At 08:12 AM 9/26/2002 -0700, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Peter, you missed my point.  Electroplating will not deposit inside of a
>hole, but only on external surfaces, hence strictly cosmetic.  Better to dip
>the rotor in Hi temp paint after total rust removal, if the later is
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>> Bernie:
>> I think the point of the plating is to prevent corrosion build up in the
>> cooling vanes of the rotors especially the UFOs...Chris Miller and I have
>> removed an inordinate amount of rust from the rotor cooling vanes, and based
>> upon the history of comments on warped UFOs, and the importance of having the
>> cooling ducts, we know that cooling the rotors is critical.
>> -Peter

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