3B poor running - pretty long

Nate Stuart newt at newtsplace.com
Thu Sep 26 15:28:01 EDT 2002

Sounds like you either have a bad mass airflow sensor, or a leak (like the
torn MM hose) somewhere after the airflow sensor. The O2 sensor code is
probably there just because of the errant mass airflow readings are
causing the ECU to think that more or less air is coming in than should
be, and the resulting mixture is too far out to be corrected by the O2
sensor adjustment tables.

My .00000000002 having never even looked at one of thees systems ;)
'89 90tq

> Fellow listers,
> After running more or less ok for about 1000 miles, the 3B started
> troubles... so as an introduction note, I'll tell you that I'm running
> engine NA (more or less) with the WG spring removed because of the MM
> leaking under boost. It ran fine but then yesterday started sputtering
> floored (or everything else past 1/2 throttle) but revs otherwise fine
if I
> back off the gas pedal and then press it less... Me thought of a bad
> sensor first so today I got to pull the codes and here is what I got
> the explanations according to Mr Mockry (thanks again for your website
> Scott!!):
> 2324
> Air Mass Sensor ,
> Open or short circuit, defective sensor, system in limp home mode
> 2341
> Oxygen Sensor Control Limit exceeded,

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