3B poor running - pretty long

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Thu Sep 26 18:06:24 EDT 2002

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> > I forgot to mention that I "fixed" the MM hose yesterday with teflon tape,
> > duct tape and cyanoacrylate
> You think any of that stuff killed your MAF perhaps?

I doubt it could kill the MAF, as the MM comes after the MAF in the airflow
to the engine.  How did you read the codes?  Some of those codes could be
historical from when your hose was really bad.  If you have a reader, I would
suggest clearing all codes, and seeing what comes up new.

I would also suggest getting everything back to normal before drawing, or
trying to draw, any real conclusions... get that new hose in, replace your WG
spring, and then start looking.  I think you're facing too many variables.

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