New parts website I found. =A0Anyone tried them?

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"If you're interested, the site is
appear to be a Worldpac distributor, with some pretty darned good

That's right, they're another Worldpac marketing "partner".  Their pricing
is dependent on their monthly volume and how little profit they're willing
to take on any individual sale.  Word is there are still a lot of little
billing/shipping/ problems as yet unresolved, and they're hampered by the
lowly paid parts pullers in their warehouses.  If you want to maximize the
chances of getting the right part every time, dealing with a remote reseller
isn't exactly the best way to go about it.  The only hands on these guys
have is on their keyboards............  John

I think some of the Quattro (and other) list favorite venders get some parts
through Worldpac; except that they either warehouse some themselves, or have
them shipped to them, repacked and checked, then shipped out again.

My personal favorites for aftermarket parts are:
Scott Mockry
Rod at

I'd also like to plug some of the guys sourcing or developing performance
parts for Audis...
Tom Demrovsky
Keith Anderson
Ned Ritchie

Good dealer for Audi-only stuff:
Carlsen Audi in CA-- (800) 523-2408 (is it still Didi you should ask for?)

There's lots of others I use; these are the first to mind, though.
Chris Miller, Bolton MA USA, c1j1miller at
'91 200q20v ==>

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