UFO conversion options

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I will disagree with you on both points Bernie.  The UFO's are barely
adequate to the task (of the chassis they are attached to), this isn't only
well known, audi routinely switched them to G60's (to customers that bitched
loud enough) at a dealer bill back of around 4000USD.   In fact, I have one
v8 customer that bitched about UFO warpage so bad that he got front tire
separation, audi bought those too.   G60's *can* be better with some
attention paid to the ducting to them and a decent set of pads (pagid oranges
appear to be the best choice here).  WRT rotors and plating of them, I'm
happy to send off a set and send you the pics, whatever my plating guy is
doing, it appears to be working (that said, all the ones I do are drilled as
well - not sure whether that makes a difference or not - I doubt it).

WRT "rust belt", I'll chuckle, if you have rain, and use your brakes, the
internal vanes rust, obstructing the cooling ability.   "Excessive" isn't a
necessary component.

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My point is that UFOs in good working order are the best of the stock brakes
on 44 chassis cars and, if upgrade monies are a problem, one can insure that
his UFOs are in excellent hydraulic and mechanical condition. for cheap.  I
don't live in the rust belt, so have never experienced excessive internal
rotor rust problems.  Further, IMO, plating rotors is strictly external,
cosmetic, inasmuch as electroplating will not throw into a hole further than
the diameter of the hole.


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