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Eyvind Spangen eyvind.spangen at
Fri Sep 27 15:39:22 EDT 2002

On Thu, 26 Sep 2002 07:13:14 -0400, you wrote:

>Foaming Pentosin usually is a sign of the system sucking air.  Did you use
>new O rings and torque the banjo bolts to spec?   If so, you could have a
>failing seal in the pump.

I had this problem once. The fluid foamed out of the reservoir when
the pump was going fast, like high speed driving (over 100 mpg) for
more than a few minutes (don't forget I'm in Europe, speed limits in
Germany etc. etc.). The pump had cavitation problems. I replaced the
pump, and the problem disappeared.

E. Spangen
'90 Audi 200TQ20v

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