UFO conversion options

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It's simple thermodynamics- the rotor sizes that fit under a 15" wheel
a conventional caliper are smaller than the UFO's rotor, which is about
largest you can fit under a 15". Smaller is smaller, no matter how you
put it.

Considering that Wilwoods are not spec'd for street use by the
I would advise people not to even consider Wilwood-based systems. For
customers, I hope you have at least $5MM per occurrence liability
to cover yourself if the system fails on a customer and they sue.
There's no
recourse to the manufacturer if you're using their product outside the
specifications, it's all on you.

I hope you considered this when you offered your product. Porsche,
etc. calipers that are designed for street use are not a problem on a
car, from a liability standpoint. If the bracket fails, that's one
thing, but
caliper failure can be attributed to the manufacturer. Using non-street
on the street and experiencing caliper failure will put you in serious
from a liability standpoint. Talk to your counsel if you think I'm
totally off-base.

Finally, I never mentioned you, I don't know you, so if you're going to
things so personally, back up your statements with independent data,
I'm not changing my opinion.


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> I didn't mention the Wilwood brake setups because IMHO,
> they don't offer an improvement in heat capacity
> or braking ability compared to the UFOs. The other reason
> is that they are not weather-sealed, this reason disqualifying them
> for street use IMHO unless you live in a dry, warm environment.
> Taka

 In the interest of peace on the list I'll not respond the way I want
to, except to say.......  No, I'll not even say that. I'd love to see
what you base your opinion of the heat capacity/braking ability of the
Wilwood UFO conversions on. Curious that you know so much about my
braking systems seeing as how you have never so much as talked to me,
much less driven one of my converted cars.

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