UFO conversion options/liability?

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Fri Sep 27 11:25:12 EDT 2002

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> I couldn't help following this thread...it seems to have come up again
> being absent for a few months.  Having pondered this myself, I wondered
> would happen if I was in an accident.  In addition, what would happen, if
> investigation, it was determined that I was not running a stock brake
> (even if it is inferior to an aftermarket setup)?
> Has anyone ever thought about this or am I being a bit too concerned?
> Mike
> West Hartford, CT

I had a friend with a HiPo 68 Mustang that was convicted of Vehicular
Homicide. One of the points of evidence was that his rear brake shoes were
worn out, so it would seem that even stock brakes, if not maintained, can be
used against you. They also made a big deal over that big Holly 4bbl and the
headers. I suspect that could be akin to a chip mod.


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