3B poor running - dead MAF!!!

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Fri Sep 27 21:45:10 EDT 2002


So this afternoon I proceded to test the MAF as per the factory! I got 0 V
between connections 1 and 3 with the ignition switch in "on" position
(should be 2.5V) idling (should be same) and revved up (should go up to
3-5V). Also, resistance between terminals 1 and 2 goes between 4 and 50
Ohms when it's supposed to be 0 Ohms or a direct connection.

So guess what's the next surprise? It's damn dead!

Oh well, I'll just replace it with a used one as well as a brand new O2


At 08:33 27/09/2002 -0400, QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:
>Minhea.  Fixing MM hoses usually allows 6 psi (IME).  After that, it leaks.
>The codes you have are from excessive airflow thru the MAF, which would cause
>both the error codes you are experiencing.  1.3bar means boost control is
>shut down, and you are running at baseline spring pressure.  That means you
>either have enough critical errors to shut down the boost control, or you
>have a bad WGFV or both.
>Make sure you have no air leaks at all, replace the O2 (it's a 60k part max).
>  Also ck the WOT switch for resistance.

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