3B Smoking; flunked Emissions Test

Sullivan, Alan alan.sullivan at lmco.com
Fri Sep 27 17:26:50 EDT 2002


Blue smoke, very light and only briefly upon revving up the engine after
idleing; engine FULLY warmed up; brand new Mobil 1/filter (15W-50); turbo
puts out full 1.7 bar.  Car is starting to consume some oil between changes
-- roughly 1 qt every 2,000 miles or so (pretty minimal).

Engines lived on Mobil 1 at 7,500 mile intervals.

Smoke was extensive enough to piss off the emissions testers -- they had to
open some additional windows to cross-ventilate the garage area.  It's not
enough to be noticeable to others when driving.

Alan Sullivan

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At 11:45 AM -0400 9/27/02, Sullivan, Alan wrote:
>My 91 200q 20 valve flunked emissions testing due to "visible smoke."
>   Car
>runs great; mileage is 156,000.

My  gut reacton is "I don't buy it."  These engines are bulletproof.
What color was the smoke?  Was the engine warmed up?  Was this at
idle, under load, low RPMs, high RPMs?

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