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At 10:32 AM -0600 9/27/02, Brennig, Rakesh (CORP, GEAccess) wrote:
>Has anybody had their ufo's changed to G60's AFTER the car's warranty
>expired?  My car has 88.5k miles and I wonder if I might get AoA authorise a


>My thinking is if the dealer originally would not use UFO's when
>doing a warranty brake overhaul,

Where did you get _that_ information?

>then wouldn't there be a TSB or something
>from AoA on this matter advising dealers?

well, excuse the laughter, but this was _not_ a safety recall. And it
was not actually  a safety issue at all, for that matter. It was an
expensive move that Audi made at the time to try to mollify
owners--and to eliminate the numerous, expensive replacements of the
UFO rotors they were doing under warranty. It was offered to owners
(under warranty) but only after having repairs done 2 or 3 times for
brake-pulsation (not squealing) complaints.  Ancient history now, as
fas as AoA is concerned.

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