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> Keith-
> It's simple thermodynamics- the rotor sizes that fit under a 15" wheel
> with
> a conventional caliper are smaller than the UFO's rotor, which is about
> the
> largest you can fit under a 15". Smaller is smaller, no matter how you
> put it. <snip>

 I'm surprised you would make that statement on a list where generalities get
beaten like a dead horse.

 So if I decide to use a 13" x .35" solid rotor on the front of a V8 or 200 I
will see an increase in braking ability and heat capacity? Wow, that new PC
science is much easier than all that old stuff where mass, clamping force,
pad compound, etc etc had to be taken into account.

 I like this idea better....... 11.75" x 1.25" rotor with 48 directional
vanes and an iron formulation specificly intended for extreme abuse. This
gets me a vast increase in cooling surface area and airflow while I only
sacrifice 2% in rotor diameter. Now lets bolt on a caliper with a 15% larger
piston area to realize a large increase in clamping force vs line pressure.
And since we can lets choose from a wide range of low dust performance pads.
This combination will outperform a UFO any day in every way you can name
while cutting unsprung weight by roughly 25lbs

 In comparison, UFOs are roughly 12" x 1" , weigh 22lbs PER rotor, have piss
poor airflow through the cooling vanes, (thanks ATE for partially blocking
the cooling passages with the spider assembly) extremely tempermental,
expensive to replace, and subject to fade thanks to exactly zero true
performance pads. Oh and lets not forget the best part, all the free brake
dust we care to clean off our wheels. (oh, I forgot ugly as sin)

 As for me taking something personally, unless I missed something I design
the only UFO conversion with Wilwood calipers as an option, so by default any
opinion you made about a Wilwood UFO conversion was an opinion about my
product which you have no experience with.

 I can tell without even looking at my contact log that you have never talked
to me because if you did you wouldnt be giving me unsolicited advice on
product liability for something I do not sell. I design and build brackets to
mate Wilwood and Porsche calipers to a UFO strut. I sell the brackets and I
sell my time, I do not sell calipers, pads, or rotors, those items are chosen
by the customer with the full understanding (in writing) that they are not
being purchased from me.

 Further, when I want advice on product liability law and insurance I'll pick
up my phone and call someone I pay to give me that advice.


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