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Fri Sep 27 21:44:31 EDT 2002

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> I can't see how you could get 51 pumps--a "good" accumulator supplies 30
> pumps--from one with a bad check valve.
> Foam in the reservoir means air is being whipped into the fluid.  I can't
> see how that would occur from a bad check valve.  It's not open to the
> atmosphere, as I understand the system.

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I got 51 pumps the week *before* the
problem started. I've have always gotten about 50 pumps with this "bomb"
over the 6+ yrs I have owned the car. I haven't had the time to test it
again yet. As I don't  fully understand the system, I can not comment
further except to say I am going to let the shop sort it out. There appears
to be several things that can cause it according to them and I am not just
going to start swapping multi $100 parts trying to solve it myself. I just
don't have to time right now.

I will report back what the ultimate fix is. Personally, I am leaning
towards the pump.

mike miller
helmville mt.

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