Brand new trannies for quattro models

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Sat Sep 28 21:48:01 EDT 2002

Fellow listers,

Next weekend I'll be going to Germany to buy a brand new tranny for a
fellow 200q20v lister, so I thought I could make this available for more
people because it's interesting I think.

The price for the tranny is 1200 Euros unshipped (I won't take any money
for going and taking it because I'm getting a new one for my car as well so
I'll spend the money anyway on fuel) and as of yesterday there were 4
remaining trannies that fit the 200q20v.

Actually these trannies (tranny code AOA or AOB) are from the European
200q10v torsen models and the only difference between these and real
200q20v trannies (tranny code ADY or ADZ) is the main shaft diameter. The
20v has a 15mm diameter shaft and pilot bearing while the 10v models have a
bigger 18mm shaft and bearing. Other than that they are the same exact
trannies, gears, final drive (4.11, checked with Audi) and actually some
German tuners have already used these trannies in 200q20v cars with broken
trannies simply because the real 20v trannies are NLA. Shipping via BAX
costs about 250 dollars, could be more or less depending on location of
course. Other trannies available are 4kq (US code for post '85 models, or
6E for 83-84 models) and some others as well (5kq NA, 5ktq, etc).

The guy is serious and one of my friends has testified for his honesty
because I didn't know him very well before putting this deal together.
These are real 0 miles trannies, not rebuilt ones. I know for sure they
weren't stolen or anything, so I think the deal is quite clean in this
matter. Audi wants (in Europe at least) 2500 Euros for an exchanged tranny,
so I don't really know how he got this price but it's real.

Time is pretty short so if you're interested, please send me an email with
the tranny code you're looking for so I can see what we can do about that!
As my contact in Germany is 400 miles away from me, I won't be driving
again quite soon to see him, except if more people are interested and can't
get one now.


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