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As per the questions I'd asked last week or so, general consensus seems to
be that the shift bushings in these vehicles are not commonly considered
wear items.  See also, "shift linkage refurbishment."

I was noticing what seemed to be diminishing shift quality in my car, and
thought the same as you as per my VW experience (bushing wear).  On second
take, I wasn't convinced that it was altogehter sloppier, just a little
tougher to shift.  When in gear, the shifter is not want to move around.
One of the George's suggested the possibility of contaminated workings via
the rubber lining inside the leather shift boot.

I've just decided to accept the shifting issue as either my imagination
(ostrich syndrome), or if not my imagination chalk another temporary victory
up to the forces of entropy.

Oh, and people seemed to think the bushings could be accessed from the top.
If I get dirt under my nails again, I'll report back with my findings.

Derek P

>Peter thought my shifter felt great - if you ask me, it's imprecise and
>notchy, compared to what's in my Jetta.
>Can the shifter assembly be replaced from the top?  If so, I wonder if a
>new assembly would help things, maybe with some bushings under the hood.
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