[More UFO rambling] - T44 rattles

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Sat Sep 28 19:08:33 EDT 2002

At 140k, my 200q20v Avant is tight (riders have commented on this also),
except for an occasional minor rattle from the cargo hatch.  To me, the ride
is very firm as well as very controlled: S4/S6 struts, Koni Sports (set at
'medium'), H&R Sports, Benz-brace, solid (Delrin w/SS) control arm bushings,
R-28s 8.5jx17, S-03PPs 235/45.

[Curious: would changing from H&R Sports to Eibachs contribute to improved
ride comfort?  (as below)  Are the H&Rs linear and the Eibachs progressive?]

I _do_ notice the steering column 'moan/groan/squeal', which also comes &
goes - I'd like to find a remedy for this.

There _was_ a loud clunk that sounded whenever I would drive over potholes,
speed bumps, sharp driveway easements, etc.  I and two factory trained,
independent mechanics swore it was emanating from somewhere in the
'steering-line', but proved to be worn out front strut bearings.  The noise
was eliminated once they were replaced.
David Brill
Hillsboro, OR

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I've noticed that some days there is a kind of moan or
groan from the steering column when turning the wheel slightly.   Seems to
depend upon the weather, kind of like the pain in my knees.   And I've
begun to get the rear suspension groan occasionally, along with a slight
"clunk" sound if the rear wheels hit a bump while accelerating.

My car's just under 200K miles and I've put about a fourth of them on it.

At 01:00 PM 09/28/2002 -0700, Martin Kuetzing wrote:
>Besides the rattles and squeaks (and potential
>reliability concerns) there is little to pull me
>towards a newer car.
>Just how many "rattles and sqeaks" does your 200q20v have?
>When I bought mine, I had it modified (before I actually drove it the first
>time) to include Yokohoma AV4S tires, Koni Sports shocks, H&R springs and a
>front-end strut conversion from an S4 (removing the UFO's).
>The car performed remarkably - especially on the open highway, but was
>always "rattly" (is this a word?) and harsh.
>Eventually, I switched to Eibachs, Bilsteins & Michelin MXV4.
Is this a common characteristic of these
>cars?  If so, has someone found a method to deal with it?  (Other than
>either buying a new Audi or stripping this one to its chassis & re-welding
>every spot weld??)

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