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Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Sat Sep 28 21:47:42 EDT 2002

Mine's rattle-free at 180K with a few sporatic
exceptions.  (And FWIW I've never been a car that took
bumps more smoothly and quietly than my old '71 VW
Pop-top Campmobile.)

I had the "dash temp sensor fan motor squeak" years
ago but it fixed itself inadvertantly sitting closed
up in the sun all one ~100 degree day while I was
river rafting.  It was so hot when I opened the doors
that I couldn't get inside for several minutes.  I
figured a tiny bit of lube ran to the needed spot from
the heat.  (' stroke of luck.  Replacement (never did
do) requires removal of entire dash cover (' did last
year to access alarm controller so now I know how if
it starts squeaking again).)

I've also had a steering wheel groan on and off for a
year or so, but usually only when turning "more than
slightly" to get out of the driveway after a cold
start so not worth investigating yet.

Re: squeeky door seals, if talcum powder is a one-day
fix, try silicone spray and see how long it lasts.
(Spray on a cloth and rub onto the seals; overspray
from direct application goes a long way ... and put
some on your window seals/tracks while your at it.)


... I've had a squeal in the past from the dashboard
temperature sensor aspirator fan, but it has not
returned in the last year or so. ...

However, this summer I've noticed that some days there
is a kind of moan or groan from the steering column
when turning the wheel slightly. ...


... rattlyness ... is particularly noticeable in the
door seals.  ... talcum powder works great (except for
the mess) for about a day. .

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