final drive seal replacement

DAK dak at
Mon Sep 30 03:46:36 EDT 2002

Just a final note on this. Earlier tonight, I got around to replacing
that seal. Once I got the old one out and dried out the area, I could
see that it is possible to push that seal in to far! Bentley doesn't
indicate this (Hey, Robert Bentley, I want $10 bucks for those wasted
seals!). After I messed the two up, I talked to Phil Rose on the phone.
He said he remembered something about one seal can't be pushed in all
the way. I swore up and down that the bore on the driver's side was
constant diameter all the way to the end, but he was right! I got a
little closer this time and got my light at the right angle... My
mechanic friend suggested I put it in dry because it is less likely to
slip around (and go crooked). He also says they drive it in dry, then
apply a little RTV after to make sure it is leak free. (This at
So, if anyone is maintaining a repair index, please add something about
the final drive seals and how the driver's side needs to be inserted so
it just clears the chamfered part of the bore, no further!

Thanks to those who offered advice!

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