Keyless Entry Install

Dan Simoes dans at
Mon Sep 30 18:51:36 EDT 2002

Someone here did this, he installed under the glovebox.
I was hoping to do it under the back seat, but I think under the
glovebox is OK.

I started doing it but needed extra relays and the project stalled.
Got to get back on it again...

Jobe Tichy wrote:
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> Hello List...
> I am in the midst of building up the relay harnesses for an installation of a
> keyless entry unit into my rig and I am wondering if anyone has any
> suggestions for tapping into the factory alarm system.  Is it easiest to tap
> into the harness at the alarm brain?  Where is the alarm brain (Under the
> glove box, because that's what I thought I saw on ETKA)?  Driver, Passenger,
> or Trunk circuits?  Any help or experience suggestions would be greatly
> appreciated.
> '91 200tq 20v
> '84 BMW 318i (modified)
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