Fitting wheels over UFOs

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Sep 30 19:31:31 EDT 2002

At 2:08 PM -0400 9/30/02, Zoot531 at wrote:

>I was looking around and the 17'' Avus wheels
>are very nice, nice enough to spring for if they would fit over the UFO's up

They will.  FYI, the euro S6 wheels are not only reeaaaally wide, but
lighter(!) than the narrower stock S-car rims.  Bob Rossato has a set
on is S6.  I have no idea if they're still available or how much they
run(I'm guessing $$$), but they do look very nice at least on his

   I find the S4tt wheels kind of a mixed bag on the older cars- then
again, I had reservations about my Ronals too, but they turned out
looking fairly decent.  Each to his own, you can certainly do a lot
worse. I thought about it, but realized that a VERY nice set of
aftermarket wheels would run cheaper- look at, for example, BBS
RKII's in the 16" size.  SUPER light, look really sharp(IMHO), really
strong, etc...

When shopping, remember that our stock rims weigh about 15lb.  The
previously mentioned 16" RKII's weigh about 1-2lb more.  From
experience, my car rode and handled like a dream with the stock
rims+tire size with the H&Rs/Bilsteins; the setup felt like it was
designed for the rims+tires.  17" rims really destroyed that
"composed" feeling over bumps...the r28's are 28-29lb.

If I could do it over, I'd go for a set of 16" BBS rims.  Would have
needed a lottery ticket, but...

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