Intake Air Temp Code

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Mon Sep 30 19:46:26 EDT 2002

Yep, and it still will not go away.  Yet to buy a new intake temp sensor,
but situation sounds same as yours.  Comes on regardless, wiring looks fine,
checks out with continuity meter for no grounding/proper resistance, comes
back every time I clear the codes, gas mileage good.  And, no pattern with
respect to driving habits, weather, my temperament, etc.

Derek P


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From: "Tom Mullane" <tmullane at>
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Subject: RE: Intake Air Temp Code
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 20:54:38 -0400

I have the same issue with my 200 20v.  The engine light sometimes stays
on after starting (hot or cold), and the light eventually goes out.  It
always goes out under boost.  VAG-COM says 00523 - Intake air sensor
(G42) Open or short to B+.  Wiring looks OK, but I haven't done any
testing.  I will ask at Audi about reliability of the sensor, or if we
should be looking elsewhere.  Anyone else seen this?

Tom Mullane
91 200
99 A6

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