cracks in 3B head

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I have a 3B with just less than 60k miles = 116k km). Having just had my
valve covers off, I have had a chance to inspect my heads. There were no
cracks discernable anywhere. The only thing that caught my eye was one lobe
on the intake cam showing a little "brass". No real wear.

As an aside, I had just changed oil 2 weeks before replacing the gaskets. I
was surprised to find the oil as murky as it was. Since I have a low miler,
I have been considering using some thin flushing oil in the engine to get
the crud out.


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Greetings all-
I know it is common for there to be small cracks between the seats on 10V
heads.  Is it also common for cracking to occur on the 3B, say between the
plug hole and valve seats?  I hadn't heard of this-so thought I'd get a list
consensus.  Thanks-



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