chipping 3B's

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Tue Apr 1 04:40:27 EST 2003

Yeah, you're right Rich, let's get drunk first, then
maybe I'll give you some tricks on how to make 500 HP
with your good old 3B engine :-)))

More seriously, I know what I know and I *will* talk
but to a certain extent only. I have paid lots of
money in order to learn what I now know and I can't
give away my knowledge for free, however, I will still
keep on helping people out on these lists understand
how their engines work, what they can and what they
can't do and so on :-)

I hope you can understand me,


--- Richard Tanimura <Richard at> wrote:
> Ken,
> I am also interested to know which chips and mods
> people use and how happy
> they are with them. Let's do it.
> Here is my take on after market chips. If you sorted
> car owner, they would
> cover the spectrum from those who don't care about
> how it works as long as
> it works to those who are curious about how
> everything works. I tend to be
> in the second group.
> That's why I am opting for Mihnea. I want to know
> how and why my car does
> things. It is just the way I am. I am sure MTM, Abt,
> and a host of others
> know tons. But they ain't talkin'. Mihnea does.
> I am also a bit closer to Brussels than you are. If
> I need answers, I will
> drop in on Mihnea, fill him so full of Belgien beer
> he will think he is
> Mannichen Pis (the peeing statue in Brussels) and
> force him to answer :-)
> Rich
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> Subject: chipping 3B's
> I guess the Motronic world isn't one where there
> will likely end up being a
> QLCC type of
> upgrade anytime soon.  I imagine a group purchase
> like was organized by
> Chris Miller in
> times past isn't likely either.
> I can appreciate what Mihnea is doing and want to
> see that develop,
> hopefully without any
> incarceration or grenading.  So far I'm leaning
> towards a Hoppen/MTM upgrade
> out of the
> options I'm aware of.
> Have their been any surveys on this list to quantify
> how many folks are
> running chipped 3B's
> versus stock ones?  Or perhaps who's running which
> types of upgrades?
> Assuming most folks either have their upgrades or
> know which ones they want,
> does anyone
> else really care about this kind of stuff?  I'm just
> curious what people
> think about the various
> options.
> Thanks,
> Ken
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