intake removal

DAK dak at
Tue Apr 1 12:34:55 EST 2003

Just got my Nissens radiator today. So, tonight, I'll probably start
taking things apart. In my '87 5KTQ, I had moved the hydraulic pump to
help get the radiator out. In this car, I thought I'd take the intake
manifold off and move the hydraulic pump. I need to do the distributor
gear anyway, so I could use the room. I know Linus talked about removing
  a bunch of other stuff (headlight, fender liner). Any other experience
What should I look out for when taking the intake manifold off? Do I
need to disconnect the fuel rail, or will it just stay attached to the
intake and flex out of the way (still attached to the hoses)? I know I
need to vacuum the crud out around the injectors (so nothing falls in),
and I'll just dis-assemble the throttle area stuff as needed.
If there is anything that could bite me, speak now! :-)


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