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Hi Rich
Yes i pulled the radiator and fan together. Scott Mockrey suggested
pulling the PS pump ( an easy job ) and that would allow  pulling them
as a unit. It worked. As I said in the previous post I pulled the fender
well just for practice, but it is not a  necessary thing to do. When
pulling the PS pump be sure to have some baggies, rags and zip ties for
the hose ends and keep then elevated so they will not drain and make a
mess. When pulling  the pump out keep it  as level as possible to not
lose the fluid in the pump. Scott recommended turning the pump pulley by
hand once you put the pump back in to help prime it again. I did not
have any surprises when I finished. As it was the first time doing this
I did not hurry and tried to be very complete when  finishing each stage.

91 20v Avant Slowly getting sorted out and finding more things

Richard Tanimura wrote:

>Let me get this straight. You suggest removing the radiator and fan in one
>piece? I am going in there next and any BTDT will be helpful.
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>I just did my Radiator, as usual I took to much apart. This allowed me
>to see where stuff was and a little easier access to small things
>Fender well removal..... allows easier access to bottom of overflow tank
>tank and fill hose on radiator.
>Bumper removal...  easier access to aux hose clamps, I was able to see
>my windshield washer fluid sensor was broken and epoxied it back together.
>PS pump removal... Pull radiator with fan attached and easier to replace
>those hoses under it .
>This  was my first journey into the workings of my Avant and it seems it
>was fairly successful.
>Not a hard job just takes time.
>91 20v Avant slowly getting sorted out
>DAK wrote:
>>Just got my Nissens radiator today. So, tonight, I'll probably start
>>taking things apart. In my '87 5KTQ, I had moved the hydraulic pump to
>>help get the radiator out. In this car, I thought I'd take the intake
>>manifold off and move the hydraulic pump. I need to do the distributor
>>gear anyway, so I could use the room. I know Linus talked about removing
>> a bunch of other stuff (headlight, fender liner). Any other experience
>>What should I look out for when taking the intake manifold off? Do I
>>need to disconnect the fuel rail, or will it just stay attached to the
>>intake and flex out of the way (still attached to the hoses)? I know I
>>need to vacuum the crud out around the injectors (so nothing falls in),
>>and I'll just dis-assemble the throttle area stuff as needed.
>>If there is anything that could bite me, speak now! :-)
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