Hoppen 3B ecu mod and 3.0 bar PT's

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Wed Apr 2 10:12:45 EST 2003

A 3 Bar PT is a disadvantage in a system that will never see more than 2.5
Bar, if a 2.5 Bar PT is available.


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> Subject: Hoppen 3B ecu mod and 3.0 bar PT's
> Hello List,
> Hoppen has told me that their ecu modification for the 3B engine uses a 2.5
> bar pressure transducer.
> The lady I spoke to said that the hp is 270 and the torque is unknown.  She
> was unable to tell me if these numbers or the use of the 2.5 bar pressure
> transducer instead of the 3.0 bar one is due to the lack of overboost function
> on the 3B.
> I have read somewhere that the overboost can be added to the 3B's with custom
> programming.  Whether this is possible or desirable, I don't know.
> Intended Acceleration lists a "Stage 5" mod for the 3B that  uses a 3.0 bar
> PT.  However, don't they end up soldering their chips to the ecu without the
> socket?  I'm not a big fan of that idea.  It would be nice to be able to put
> back in the stock chips if the need arises.
> I understand the issues of screwing up the physical chip swapping and of "chip
> or socket creep" and other justification for that soldering-in practice.  My
> opinion there is if chip creep was a problem, Audi wouldn't have socketed
> those chips.  I see it as more of a business secret preservation technique, or
> repeat business insurance for when future changes are desired, which I can
> understand.
> At this point, my thought process is this:
> 1. Since IA offers a Stage 5 for the 3B, somehow a 3.0 bar PT has a use in a
> 3B car in some configuration.
> 2. I think someday I want to mod the crap out of the 3B, to RS2 levels and
> possibly beyond.  Maybe that's "Stage 5"?
> 3.  If #1 and #2 are true, and I can get a hard-to-find 3.0 bar PT, I'll do
> it.
> 4.  I'd like to get maps that work with the stock engine and turbo for now
> (i.e. IA 3+, Hoppen 1), but work with the 3.0 bar PT.
> I suppose I could get a 3.0 bar PT and hoard it, and also get a regular Hoppen
> stage 1 or something like a "Mihnea chip(tm)" for the stock configuration.
> Most urgently I'd like to know if a 3.0 bar PT can be utilized on a 3B, or if
> it would "never" be necessary.  The possibilities include some of the
> Audi20v_Kruemmer stuff if anyone is familiar with some of those guys.
> What do y'all think, particularly with regard to #1 above?  True?
> Thanks,
> Ken
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