Hoppen 3B ecu mod and 3.0 bar PT's

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Re:  3.0 bar PT in a 3B:  Go back and read Todd Phenneger's post from
yesterday on IA mods for Alex N's 4ktq race car.  A 3.0 bar PT will NOT gain
you anything with a stock turbo--turbo is too far out of its efficiency
range to work past 2.5 bar--even there, it's at its limit.

Can you get code that would let a 3.0 bar PT work with a stock turbo?
possibly.  But...Remember that all a PT does is translate Pressure 0-250 kPa
or 0-300 kPa) to voltage (0-5 VDC).  Based on this (and other) input, the
ECU calls up some combination of fuel injector duty cycle, wastgate
frequency valve duty cycle, and ignition timing.  There are only so many
lookup combinations available in the maps...you'd probably be throwing away
a bunch of them using a 3.0 Bar PT with a little K24, and it might be such a
mismatch that it won't work right--that is, you may have a combination of
parts that exceeds the dynamic limits of the ECU and its abiilty to control
the engine.

Re:  Socket & IA mod:  Not sure if Ned's changed anything recently, but when
he modified my ECU, he removed the stock sockets and replaced them with his
own "socket" device which scrambled or altered the timing/addressing of the
memory chips.  I once came across a German electronic vendor's site with
this type of scrambling technology, specifically for chip-tuners.  So...yes,
there are still sockets in the ECU, but no, you cannot replace with stock

Besides which Ned erases and reprograms the original chips in your ECU with
the new code.  This is a good thing in that the standard off the shelf chip
cannot handle the extremes of the automotive environment--there is no
cooling fan or venting of the ECU case!  As I understand it, the pecking
order of chip "grades" (and this is rough) is consumer electronic,
industrial, automotive, then military.  I'm sure someone can add details

Re:  mod the crap out of a 3B:  you better have a big fat wallet that you
are prepared to see get very small :)

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> Subject: Hoppen 3B ecu mod and 3.0 bar PT's
> Hello List,
> Hoppen has told me that their ecu modification for the 3B
> engine uses a 2.5 bar pressure transducer.
> The lady I spoke to said that the hp is 270 and the torque is
> unknown.  She was unable to tell me if these numbers or the
> use of the 2.5 bar pressure transducer instead of the 3.0 bar
> one is due to the lack of overboost function on the 3B.
> I have read somewhere that the overboost can be added to the
> 3B's with custom programming.  Whether this is possible or
> desirable, I don't know.
> Intended Acceleration lists a "Stage 5" mod for the 3B that
> uses a 3.0 bar PT.  However, don't they end up soldering
> their chips to the ecu without the socket?  I'm not a big fan
> of that idea.  It would be nice to be able to put back in the
> stock chips if the need arises.
> I understand the issues of screwing up the physical chip
> swapping and of "chip or socket creep" and other
> justification for that soldering-in practice.  My opinion
> there is if chip creep was a problem, Audi wouldn't have
> socketed those chips.  I see it as more of a business secret
> preservation technique, or repeat business insurance for when
> future changes are desired, which I can understand.
> At this point, my thought process is this:
> 1. Since IA offers a Stage 5 for the 3B, somehow a 3.0 bar PT
> has a use in a 3B car in some configuration.
> 2. I think someday I want to mod the crap out of the 3B, to
> RS2 levels and possibly beyond.  Maybe that's "Stage 5"?
> 3.  If #1 and #2 are true, and I can get a hard-to-find 3.0
> bar PT, I'll do it.
> 4.  I'd like to get maps that work with the stock engine and
> turbo for now (i.e. IA 3+, Hoppen 1), but work with the 3.0 bar PT.
> I suppose I could get a 3.0 bar PT and hoard it, and also get
> a regular Hoppen stage 1 or something like a "Mihnea
> chip(tm)" for the stock configuration.
> Most urgently I'd like to know if a 3.0 bar PT can be
> utilized on a 3B, or if it would "never" be necessary.  The
> possibilities include some of the Audi20v_Kruemmer stuff if
> anyone is familiar with some of those guys.
> What do y'all think, particularly with regard to #1 above?  True?
> Thanks,
> Ken
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