Necessity of O2 sensor removal tool? Homemade?

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Wed Apr 2 20:54:22 EST 2003

I was about to delete this message about the o2 sensor tool, but today
in my new Bavarian Auto catalog they have a tool to loosen the o2 sensor.   scroll down to Bosch o2 sensor removal
tool  $18.95

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> At 10:57 PM -0800 3/18/03, Scalmanini Steve wrote:
>> Anyone know whether a special O2 sensor removal tool
>> is an absolute necessity, or highly recommended?  Does
>> a common deep socket (21mm? ~$8.00) modified with a
>> Dremel grinder to add a slot in one flat to accomodate
>> the 3 wires, work as well as the special tool at >= 3
>> times the price?
> Nope.  There's a lot of room in there, at least compared to, say, the
> 10v turbo.  I've never needed an O2 wrench or socket.
> Brett
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