diverter valve (TBV)

Brian Link BrianL at starsys.com
Sat Apr 5 13:39:07 EST 2003

I have the stratmosphere valve, my bosch (710N) worked, but I had slight
power loss in third and 4th gear that disappeared with the new valve.
Might be related might not be.  Car doesn't stall anymore.


At 9:23 PM +0000 4/4/03, davidb01 at attbi.com wrote:
>The OEM Bosch valve is pretty well shot (second one since I've owned
the car),
>so I'm investigating aftermarket options for better longevity.  Any
>BTDTs/recommendations/sources on products from Stratmosphere and
>Forge?  Others
>I should consider?


-these replacements cost more than 2x as much
-the stock unit lasts at least 60k(in my experience, thusfar- car had
the original valve on it when I bought it at 105k, I mistakenly
replaced it 10-20k later, current unit with almost 60k on it is fine)
-the "better" units require cleaning regularly
-oh yeah, they look really boy-racer-ish(well, okay, there is the
black anodized aluminum one, that's not that bad)

...no thanks.  The A4/S4 guys certainly love them, but that's the
same crowd that for a couple years thought the blowoff valves were
really cool.  The Audiworld "tech" article Forge links to shows
graphs that, I swear, show practically identical 'performance'.

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