diverter valve (TBV)

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Thanks for the info so far - I hear you on the cost!  Brian, did you purcha=
your valve direct?

As I understand it, the OEM valve can fail sooner in higher-boost applicati=
due to the rubber diaphragm suffering =91pressure fatigue=92, causing a tea=
r at the
attachment.  Should I expect a 60k life in this environment?  The piston-de=
of the aftermarket valves supposedly eliminates this, as well as providing
better throttle response by acting faster.  Is this reasonable?

Brett, what symptom led you to first mistakenly replace one?  What was the
ultimate problem at that time?

> I have the stratmosphere valve, my bosch (710N) worked, but I had slight
> power loss in third and 4th gear that disappeared with the new valve.
> Might be related might not be.  Car doesn't stall anymore.
> Brian
> At 9:23 PM +0000 4/4/03, davidb01 at attbi.com wrote:
> >Gentlemen,
> >
> >The OEM Bosch valve is pretty well shot (second one since I've owned
> the car),
> >so I'm investigating aftermarket options for better longevity.  Any
> >BTDTs/recommendations/sources on products from Stratmosphere and
> >Forge?  Others
> >I should consider?
> Considering:
> -these replacements cost more than 2x as much
> -the stock unit lasts at least 60k(in my experience, thusfar- car had
> the original valve on it when I bought it at 105k, I mistakenly
> replaced it 10-20k later, current unit with almost 60k on it is fine)
> -the "better" units require cleaning regularly
> -oh yeah, they look really boy-racer-ish(well, okay, there is the
> black anodized aluminum one, that's not that bad)
> ...no thanks.  The A4/S4 guys certainly love them, but that's the
> same crowd that for a couple years thought the blowoff valves were
> really cool.  The Audiworld "tech" article Forge links to shows
> graphs that, I swear, show practically identical 'performance'.
> Brett
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