diverter valve (TBV)

CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 5 17:46:19 EST 2003

I have a forge valve.  Got one several months after
the s-car guys did a group buy.  I asked them if they
would honor the group buy price of $110 and they did.
I'm sure their profit margins are quite nice on these

Think what you will.  They do look boy racer-ish but
once it's installed you'll never notice it, so why
bother spending more on a black one?

Cleaning is not required but you can if you so desire.
I don't think you have this option on the oem valves.

These things are overkill because they look so heavy
duty but if you think about it, isn't that what 200
ownership is all about?

My car makes an interesting squish sound off-throttle
and turbo lag is greatly reduced over the original
valve.  My car didn't exhibit the stall on
deceleration common to a dead BPV but I think they
deteriorate gradually and mine wasn't quite there yet.

Worthwhile as long as you keep your car a few years or
long enough to go through 2 or 3 OEM BPV... but why
subject yourself to the gradual deterioration of the
inferior units?


overkilling with forge bpv, BIRA sys2/UFO brakes and a
no start condition that looks like an intermittent
fuel pump.

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