BPV Symptom?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Apr 6 17:06:38 EDT 2003

No, it doesn't seem like the typical symptom of a bad bypass valve.
As already mentioned by Rich, it could be a malfunction of the ISV.
If you have surging that happens while at partial throttle (rather
than completely "off" throttle) you might have a defective oxygen


At 12:25 PM -0600 4/6/03, Steve Sherman wrote:
>I am fairly new to 20v's.  From what I've read on the forum I think I
>have a symptom of a BPV problem, but I wanted to run it by the list to
>see if it sounds right.  On slow decelleration, like 40mph down to
>20mph, there seems to some surging/seeking.  That is when I let up on
>the gas, it may be a while before the engine starts to slow the car. And
>when trying to maintain the new slow speed I will slowly go higher in
>speed, then suddenly a noticible jerk as the engine finally gets to slow
>down mode...
>This happens at slow speeds, so it is not really dangerous, and the
>engine shows no signs of quiting on decell.  All the same, this seems
>like it might be a BPV problem.  Does that sound right?  Something else?
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