BPV Symptom?

motogo1 motogo1 at cox.net
Sun Apr 6 22:18:48 EDT 2003

A good way to check the BPV is to disconnect the small diameter hose that
connects to it, at the connection at the back of  the intake manifold, and
draw a vacuum of about 6 lbs with a small vacuum pump. It should hold this
vaccum. If it doesn't hold, or you can't draw a vacuum, either the BPV is
kaput or the line has a leak in it. Also see http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/
, if you haven't already, for troubleshooting info.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

> At 12:25 PM -0600 4/6/03, Steve Sherman wrote:
> >I am fairly new to 20v's.  From what I've read on the forum I think I
> >have a symptom of a BPV problem, but I wanted to run it by the list to

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