BPV Symptom?

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Apr 7 13:57:48 EDT 2003

At 7:47 AM +0200 4/7/03, Richard Tanimura wrote:

>Good stuff. I never even knew there was throttle cleaner. Geez, I bet you
>are one of those guys who has 5 different kinds of toothpaste depending on
>what you ate for dinner :-)

Nope, I just remembered someone else telling me to use throttle
cleaner when I went to the parts store looking for a good cleaner :-)

>So brake cleaner is no-no?

It's way too aggressive, yes.

>  Also no lubricants?

I'd say no.  The valve isn't lubricated from the factory(I don't
think) on the vane part, and I think that's because clearances are
sufficient to not require it.

>BTW, I was amazed how much crud there was in the ISV and throttle. Is it
>coming in from the IC or regurgitating from the intake manifold? Any

Crankcase breather.  On rare occasion, the turbo seals...but it's
pretty hard to tell since the crank breather exhausts right smack
into the turbo outlet.

There are a couple of solutions:
-vent the breather to atmosphere(big no-no emissions-wise, there's a
reason the crank is vented back into the intake- to reburn all the
-install Total Seal rings to drastically reduce blow-by
-install oil separator(there is in fact one VW used on diesels or
something- I'll have to look back in my email to get the details from
a fellow lister, might be NLA)

Things that will aggravate the problem:

-overfilling the engine with oil- don't fill up to the max mark, it's
"max" for a reason, not "fill to here"  :)
-overdue air filter
-excessive blow-by

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