sorting the 200q20v and a worn K24

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Mon Apr 7 15:27:38 EDT 2003


The 200q20v I picked up has a turbo that has some axial and radial play, and there is lots of oil in the intake tract, which probably explains the tailpipe smoke it has.

It seems to start smoking after it's been running for a while and after it's been revved up.  After that it continues to be a little smokey.

I'm going to swap the turbo with another K24 I have, incidentally the ceramic coated one on Marc Swansons website.

I have the turbo loosened, but am having trouble getting the furthest WG flange nut off, and also the inside lower coolant return pipe allen bolt.  So far it hasn't been bad disassembly tho'.  I thought the turbo nuts would be harder than they were.  I guess I need to disconnect or loosen the downpipe from the cats to be able to pull it off the back of the turbo.  Access to the turbo is great compared to a 10v!

At first it wasn't clear to me how the oil is getting everywhere "upstream" of the turbo inlet.  But then I realized the bypass valve in there makes it all a big loop.

I guess with all that oil in there, after I resolve the root cause, I will need to clean everything.  I imagine too much oil in the WGFV-type device (different name on these cars?) isn't a good thing, as well as coating the IC.

It's too bad for the trouble of swapping turbos I won't be able to do a manifold swap or put a better turbo on there.

I did pull the codes and found 2322 for the IAT sensor, which has a connector on it so it must've been replaced.  I put some De0xit on the terminals and connected it a bunch of times and the check engine light no longer comes on.  That's nice.

How does one wear out a K24 on a bypass-valved car?  Was this thing overspun or some other bad PO behavior?

I'm going to be looking into rebuilding the K24 myself, which I hear is a possible thing.  Any insight on doing that?

Anyone got an extra 200q20v Bentley they want to part with, or know of a source?  It was a headscratcher trying to get the airbox out until I found that screw by the fender!



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